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Welcome to Aerial Predators

Welcome to Aerial Predators and Ecology, an organization dedicated to raptor conservation by way of education. Founded in 1992, Aerial Predators and Ecology is California’s longest running bird of prey assembly program.

Hi, I’m Joe Roy III, thanks for stopping by. I began working with birds of prey when I was a young boy and presented my first hawk lecture – live hawk included -- in 1973…I was in the fifth grade. Since then I have presented countless assemblies, lectures and bird shows. I enjoy sharing my passion for these amazing creatures with tens of thousands of people just like you. My birds have been featured in books, magazines and television. I also work with parrots including a citron cockatoo named Sydney, who loves traveling and doing shows with me. In 2003, Sydney won Purina’s Most Talented Pet contest, taking home the ten thousand dollar first prize. I am an avid falconer and am currently one of the most widely published authors on this subject.

This site has been designed with assembly coordinators in mind and contains a massive compilation of evaluations of my program. Aerial Predators and Ecology assembly programs are an excellent tool for teaching kids and adults about birds, predators, ecology, the environment and so much more. Audience members will learn, and have fun in the process: This is an awesome experience and not soon forgotten, but you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the reviews page. Thanks again.



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